Donald Trump knows none of this!

Neither do Donald Trump's Supporters...

The actions and attitudes of the United States toward Mexico have been conspicuously self-serving from almost the very moment Mexico won her independence from Spain on August 24, 1821.  Acquiring Mexican territory began almost immediately, and within 27 years America had wrested from Mexico what would eventually be divided into the states of Texas, California, Utah, most of New Mexico and Arizona, and parts of Colorado and Wyoming.

 Mexico has been the source of a labor pool that America has managed carefully—if not ethically.  Mexican labor was sought when there has been a shortage of Americans to do the hard work… the “stoop” labor.  Sometimes this shortage was due to world wars, and other times due simply to a period of economic prosperity in America.  That labor pool was sent back to Mexico when it was no longer needed, using whatever means possible—legal or otherwise.

 Arrangements have been made with Mexico by which American “Big Business” has been able to circumvent American laborers’ expectations of high wages and benefits with the result of increased profitability (can you say, "NAFTA?").  All these actions made perfect sense, if one is able to remove themselves from the cold and calculated nature by which human decency was first removed from those actions.

 America is now reversing the logical trend by which previous actions toward the Mexican labor pool had taken.  A critical shortage exists in many occupations throughout America, both skilled and unskilled.  The Social Security system and Medicare are facing catastrophe that seems inevitable, given the demographic shift of the American population.  Yet instead of courting the Mexicans as had previously been done, America is conducting raids and building walls.

 There are books in publication that attribute an alleged current or impending demise of the "American Way of Life" to immigrants, whether they be documented, naturalized, or illegal.   They are typically opinion-filled, emotionally-charged, and inflammatory.

 There are numerous titles that provide a realistic view of the current immigration situation; however they are typically scholarly in nature, relying on facts and logic to make their point.  They lack the passion that has helps make books readable and widely-read.  As a result, the truth—that immigrants both documented and illegal actually benefit our country, economy, and standard of living—is lost in academia.

 This website hopes to appeal to those riding the fence of the immigration issue and to those who might have their weight shifted to one side or the other.  It hopes to show them that the human beings on both sides of the fence were apportioned to their respective sides by Grace, or chance, if they prefer.

 There are those whose understanding of the issue of immigration is based entirely on the rhetoric of the “Vocal Minority.”  Hopefully they might understand that there are people involved in this equation; an equation that is a summation of poverty, injustice, and desperation.

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